Fall Baby Shower

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Arpita, Special Occasion

It’s always exciting to learn of a dear friend expecting their first baby. The news sets off the siren of very important questions when, where and how to throw a baby shower!


So Arpita rolled up her sleeves again and put on her creative hat to arrange one of a kind fall harvest themed baby shower in the heart of an urban Californian city.


She kept the decorations precise, simple, and the backdrop uncluttered. This theme embraces the essences of the season and is gender neutral at the same time.


A lot goes into the planning especially when one is doing so in a busy work week at a job that has no interest in your weekend plans!


However, once the theme was decided on, the other pertinent aspects gradually fell into place. Arpita did take the lead but other friends contributed to make the party a real bash!


For any party a tentative headcount is always important. The majority of the funds should be dedicated to the cake, food & drinks.


Rest of the funds were for decorations of course and party game prizes (chocolate bars this time)!
Beginning of a season invariably tosses a no-brainer theme to party planners.


Fall is a nice season and among a thousand things to associate it with these were the first ones that came  to mind maple leaves, pumpkins, and fall colors. Amazon was the go to place for shopping for this baby shower.


A dear friend, Parul Prabhakar (of Sugar Rush) a cake wizard, made this adorable ‘Pumpkin Patch’ cake which looked adorbs and tasted yum to say the least!
Other places that came handy for last minute decor shopping were Dollar Tree and Burlington Coat Factory. Arpita and friends had a great idea to pain baby faces on the pumpkins and stick on a pacifier one one of the pumpkin heads! How cute is that?!


The pumpkins were purchased just a couple of days to the party so they looked fresh and plump. Another nice touch to the decorations were the Mylar balloons that were ordered the day of.
Warm food were placed on disposable chafers, which are cheap and serve the purpose of keeping the food warm for unto 5hrs.

Here are the links to some of the amazing decorations purchased on Amazon:
Baby shower themed Candle: http://amzn.to/2dQDAh2
Fall themed tissue flowers –  http://amzn.to/2dvgX1X
Fall Themed string: http://amzn.to/2dFwhIT
Fall themed table cover: http://amzn.to/2dDKRzB
Fall themed fans: http://amzn.to/2do0kac

What’s a party without some silly games? Here are 3 fun games that was played at the party:

1.  Draw a baby
Materials needed: pen and paper plate


How to play?
Put a timer for a minute or two, and ask players to balance a paper plate on their head and draw a baby. The drawings turned hilarious as expected and the best artist won a prize.

2. Tinkle in the potty
Materials needed: Inflated balloons, tennis balls, and a bucket


How to play?
Player will have to insert a, inflated ballon under their shirt mimicking the pregnant belly, and hold a tennis ball between their knees, walk to a bucket and try to drop the tennis ball into the bucket. This game was a riot!

3. Make a diaper with tissue roll
Material needed: Toilet Tissues


How to play?
Divide the players (preferably those wearing pants/shorts) into two or three groups. Each group will pick a member to be the baby and rest will use toilet tissue to wrap it like a diaper on him. This was fun too!

And last but not the least here are ideas to styling your outfit for a fall themed, gender neutral, baby shower. All these items are available at amazon.com


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p.c. Arpita
Event planning: Arpita
Styling: Arpita & Amrita

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