Red, Blue, so Cool!

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Amrita, Sisters
Too matchy-matchy they say, why not, we say!
Did you know that matchy-matchy is a real term, and was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2010! It is supposed to be used as an adjective to describe things, especially outfits, that are overwhelmingly coordinated by color. Usually in modern day styling, particularly with bright colored clothing items, it is considered safe to avoid matching the colors of outfits, shoes, and accessories. But Styling Sistas encourages you to embrace the often natural propensity to match your pieces, and take risks at times. Amri has done a fabulous job with the bright electric blue and scarlet red this time. With this ensemble, she was all set for a brunch meet up with a co-aspiring fashion designer on an exceptionally sunny and warm early spring morning in NYC.
She broke down the solid electric blue of the dress by wearing red tights, that match the flowers on her dress and slipped on blue wedge sandals to tie in the bright colors. She is wearing a statement necklace, earrings and bracelets she collected from street vendors in India. She is all matched up alright, and looking cool!
Tips: The top part of the dress, is of jersey material and in solid color, so Styling Sistas suggest wearing a t-shirt bra to avoid the bra contours (of demi, push-ups, and laced) forming ridges on the top.
What is Amri wearing?
Jersey top 3/4 sleeve with floral print skirt: NY & Company
Red tights: Express
Blue wedge heels: Nine West
Shades: NYC street-fair find
PC: Saswat

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