Jungle Calling!

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Leopard print can be spotted from a mile away! Of all the animal prints, leopard print has been the most popular in fashion. Ara, decided to show her jungle love this time with her new acquisition, a portofino leopard print shirt. She paired the shirt with a dark blue denim mini skirt.
The portofino shirt has a slight shine to it so she chose to wear these fabulous cut-out ankle-strapped heels with a touch of gold, golden wrist watch, and golden rimmed shades to accessorize. Oh! she did find a leopard print bracelet to compliment her jungle mania today. For the statement necklace she went with a solid caramel colored layered beads to play-up the lighter shade of brown in the print pattern.
With her animal print, she was feeling pretty bold and decided to go with scarlet lips and letting loose her mane. Ara, picked another bright color, turquois for her nails, not sure why, but it looks darn good, we say!
What is Ara wearing?
Leopard print portofino shirt: Express
Denim Skirt: Gap
Gold-Brown Leather Sandals: Nine West
Leopard Print Bracelet: Local store India
Shades: Ray Ban Aviator
Golden Wrist Watch: Macy’s

Tips: As much as animal prints are alluring to many, there are a few things to remember when invoking your favorite animal/reptile. It’s not wise to over-do animal print by matching all your accessories to the print, as that disperses the focus from the beautiful pattern. Styling Sistas do not recommend head to toe animal print as it just might look like an animal print costume.  And we are not agreeable to mixing animal prints….imagine snake and leopard prints together, yikes! Animal printed apparels go well with nude or bright but solid color shoes. Animal/reptile prints do look good in color blocking. Also, don’t forget to have fun with these naughty and sexy prints!

PC: Arpita

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