Wild Amidst the Wildflower Bloom

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Arpita, Special Occasion

It was said that this year’s wildflower bloom in California could be spotted from space!

So Styling Sistas’ CA resident Arpi travelled to the bloom site,  Carrizo Plain National Monument, to witness the phenomenon in person. And was she thrilled that she did! She ran wild through the flowering stalks which were as tall as her at some places.

The bloom was over plains and foothills of the mountainous range and the temperature was pretty cool. So Arpi chose to wear a maxi dress with wild floral print (of course!)

The ones who could trek did not hesitate to explore the colorful expanse on foot. So Arpi wore her combat boots for the occasion. The maxi-dress with combat boots makes the look well balanced and almost like the typical ‘flower child’ look. Api did forget her flower headband, it seems.

What is Arpi wearing?
Maxi-dress with front tie: Xhilaration, Target
Felt hat: Target
Combat boots: Guess
Makeup: Mac Cosmetics
Shades: H&M


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