Tulips, Tulips, Everywhere!

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Arpita, Sisters

Ever since Arpita came to know about this wonderful annual Tulip Festival, just a few miles from home, she wanted to visit. And this year the stars aligned for her to make the virgin trip to Oregon for the tulip festival. There is only a small window to visit and enjoy the sights before it gets busy with as many tourists as there are flower buds! Arpita advises to go on the first weekend when the festival commences.


The festival takes place around the last week of March till last week of April in different tulip harvesting farms. The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is great for Arpita specifically because they allow pets and she was excited to take her 2 year old dog, Bella, along on this trip. Its always exciting to know that there are places where one can have their best friend around :).

She started her journey with husband, Vivek, and Bella, from Foster City, California and headed to Medford, Oregon. It was a 6-hour drive. They checked in at a cozy little inn, “Inn at the Commons”, for the night as they allow dogs of all sizes. Yes, most hotels don’t allow big dogs, i.e. dogs weighing more than 25lbs, well Bella is a hefty is 65lb Golden Retriever! After a quick nap, they got ready, it was cold in Medford and she wore a sweater and leggings on her ride to the tulip farm. They had a great complimentary breakfast at the inn. The inn even allows dogs to sit at the reception area to enjoy breakfast with their owners!

From Medford, it was a 4-hour drive to Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. So they started around 9am and reached their destination by 1:30pm. By the time they reached it was really sunny and warm, so Arpi changed (in her car!) into this light weight fabric with oversized springy print maxi-dress, a sunhat, and summary flip-flops

Tips: If you are on a road trip always carry something extra outer wear as weather is unpredictable sometimes :P. Try to carry inexpensive cooling glasses, because if you loose them you won’t feel bad about that

Ah! the sight, the ambiance, gentle scent of thousands of tulips swaying in the breeze, is not second to any other incredible feeling! It was worth the wait and the trip for Arpita. She took lots of pictures, needless to mention. And all three of them enjoyed this tulipicious weekend.


Overall a two big thumbs up to Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Oregon, as they cater to all kinds of visitors. They had a bouncy house and offered farm wagon rides for young children. They also have wagon rides for adults that go around the farm. Not to forget, they also have hot air balloon rides for the more adventurous visitors! Food arrangement is not one of the big attractions, but there are few options for everybody so as not to starve. And they allow pets , yay!!


What is Arpi Wearing:
Cooling glasses: Prada
Maxi Dress: Inc International (Macys)
Straw Hat: JCPenny
Crystal Necklace: J.Crew
Silver Earring: India
Silver color stretch bracelet: nyandcompany
Floral flip flops: Bata, India (mom picked it for her during her last India trip)

P.C. Vivek

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