TGIF in Sequined Aztec

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Arpita, Sisters

Arpita had big plans after work in SFO last Friday. Meeting up friends to celebrate another friend’s birthday in a downtown happening spot was fun to say the least. But the outfit to work had to transition to evening seamlessly. Apri hit the nail’s head with this ensemble! The sequined skirt paired with sparkly cami screams PARTY!


She toned it down for the office with the 3/4-sleeve black blazer. And she tied the look together with a black leather wristlet and black open toe sandals with ankle straps. The skirt falling right above the knees is an acceptable length for office setting. The blazer came handy not only in the office but also outdoors, to and fro the indoor party venue. Since the sequined skirt was the highlight of the ensemble and the jacket being so dark, Arpi decided to pull her bangs away from the face and still  keep the casual feel with hair down. As per the accessories she kept it to a minimum and is wearing earrings with a single sparkly crystal drop to bring the dazzle of the skirt upstairs.


The Aztec prints, with the appeal of old world charm, have attracted designers and trend setters for many years. It was repackaged and reintroduced to mass fashion market in 2009 by designer Matthew Williamson, also known as a ‘master of prints’.  Soon after other designers followed suit and these strong colorful patterns started flooding the fashion and accessory market since 2011. Aztec prints remain one of hottest prints in United States today.


Now what is ‘Aztec print’? The  word Aztec refers to an ethnic group of people who are believed to have lived and flourished in the Mesoamerica region (from Central Mexico to Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and northern Costa Rica) between 14th to 16th centuries, before the Spanish colonization of the Americas. The textile patterns from this civilization have been called ‘Aztec pattern/print/design’. The Aztec designs on textiles were woven similar to the ikat mechanism and involved binding/tying/dyeing as well. It’s highly doubtful that the Aztecs had sequins, but hey, who can curb creativity? So Styling Sistas have whole heartedly accepted Aztec print in sequins!


Tips: With sleeveless or sheer fabric sleeved tops, it is always advisable to carry along a light sweater, blazer or shrug.
Arpita’s skirt is a dazzler and the cami looks more sparkly in real life, so she toned down the look with the dark plain colored blazer and minimal accessories. It’s always a good idea to know the kind of crowd and occasion you will be attending and keep in mind not to upstage the guest of honor ;)!


What is Arpita wearing?
Sequined Skirt: Express
Sequined Cami : express
Crop hand fitted blazer: H&M
Wristlet: Michael Kors
Leather open toe Sandal: Nine West
Crystal heart shaped earring: India
Circular Flexible hair comb headband: Amazon

P.C.- Vivek Bassapa

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