Summer in Contrast

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Arpita, Friends

Nothing screams of summer like vibrant contrasting colors. And Arpi tried to capture that this time for bestie Pra. Pra had a fabulous luncheon date in these trendy culottes. Posing by this equally trendy backdrop, her outfit stands out with its cool and hot colors juxtaposed. Pra’s hubby happens to be a professional tabla player and the couple visited this cool store, ‘Starving Musician‘ in Santa Clara.


Arpi styled the structured light sea-green culottes with a chunky statement necklace of contrasting fuchsia colored pom-pom like beads & blue beads. The color combination is fun, funky, & commands a second glance.


Pra matched her nail color to the necklace’s bold color and chose a simple pair of slingback sandals in light bluish color. Her make up is also basic and will transcend from afternoon to evening seamlessly.

Did you know? The term culottes comes from a French word, culot, meaning the lower half of something in this case its the lower part of clothing. Back in the days (we mean really back in the days, middle ages to late 18th century) culottes referred to knee length breeches, or knickers for men. Later they referred to women’s underpants and long skirts with inseam for horse riding. Culottes were then referred to pants that look like skirts for women. The shorter versions are also called skorts (knee length or shorter skirts that have a pair of shorts attached underneath or shorts that flare out like a skirt). Read more



What is Pra wearing?
Culottes: Marilyn Monroe, Macy’s
Slingback Pumps: Nine West
Pom-Pom Necklace: Macy’s
Hoop Earrings: SFO local store
Braided Bracelet: American Eagle

Styling & Photography: Arpita

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