Overalls and All that!

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Ah, a dungaree in denim! Versatile and loyal, a go to fabric in any weather. As fall is here we at Styling Sistas are gradually turning to heavier fabrics and layers. Did you know that a dungaree is also called an overall or jumpsuit? Or that denim and dungaree are now interchangeable but there is a difference in how they are made and originated? Or did you know that all dungaree/denim lovers owe quite a bit to India’s poor that invented the fabric and use back in the 1700s! Yes, back then the poor workers turned to this thick and coarse cotton fabric usually with warp threads dyed in indigo (thus the blue color), to make everyday work clothes that would last a long time. They were made in a place called ‘Dongri’, in today’s Mumbai region. As the British colonialists exported the fabric from India to be used amidst their factory/farm workers back in Britain, they started calling it ‘dungri fabric’, and eventually it became known as dungaree, a term used for both the fabric & item. Now, denim is a kind of dungaree…..and rest is an interesting history.

Arpi is much excited about her wide-legged dungaree, by Rachel Roy. In a classic light blue color, slightly faded, oversized chrome buttons down the front pockets, and style lines accentuating the curves of the body, this overall is a pleasure to wear as much as a pleasure to look at. Wound’t you agree?

Arpi decided to keep the look simple, with a gray little round neck t-shirt underneath, and black pumps to play off her black hair tied in a top-knot. She went bold only with her berry lip color to make the look a little funky and chose to carry this very colorful cotton handicraft handbag from India, as an ode to the origins of dungaree. Her bracelets are also handcrafted with little tassels to match the handbag.

Of course Arpi’s lil Ms. Bella is never too far from her when its time for an evening stroll in style!

What is Arpi wearing?
Overalls: Rachel Roy, Macy’s
Handbag: local store in india
Leather Pumps: Ninewest
Gray tee: H&M

P.C. Vivek

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