Floppy Hat, Bold Look

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Friends, Pranati

Nor in the east coast neither on the west coast, does it feel like Spring since a few days now :(!
But not to worry, Arpita presents an ensemble that will make a girl feel she has everything under control no matter the weather!

Styling-sistas-long cardigan1

Pra carries the look with a stride too. The long grey cardigan imitates the overcast skies and the white shirt brightens up the look.

faded jeans-styling-sistas

The floppy hat with the long cardigan gives the look a modern twist and can save your hair from random drizzle. The wedge booties are sturdy, warm, and makes one feel invincible….kind of ;)! A dash of plush pink lip color will cheer up even the onlookers.

long cardigan-floppy hat

What is Pra wearing?
Black Wool Floppy Hat: DSW
Grey Heather Long Cardigan: Bar III, Macy’s
White Portofino Shirt: Express
Blue Jeggings: Express
Bootie with Buckles: Fergalicious, DSW
Native American Inspired Necklace: JCP
Crystal Bracelet: Ann Taylor

long cardigan3

Styling & Photography: Arpita

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