Bustier Fun!

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Holidays, bright colors, lights, bells, party and fun!
Although CA weather was not very forgiving Arpi couldn’t resist donning this little tease of a bustier top for her holiday party.
Arpi picked this bustier top from a small, yet a landmark store on the famous Steinway Street in Astoria, NY. This store, Madam Hosiery has been selling ladies undergarments, since the 1970s when leggings & tights were still referred to as hosiery.
Well, nowadays when the fairer sex fashionistas have been dabbling with the idea of letting their underwear enjoy the public admiration like the outerwear, this little bustier met Arpi’s fancy. And why not? The artistry and science that goes into bustiers or corsets or hosiery or brassier are often as intense than a beautiful silk gown.

In the top pic our model is propped against an Edwardian era wallpaper backdrop!

Bustier, from the French word buste is a predecessor to modern day bra as it has built in cups and the purpose is to accentuate a woman’s curves from waist to breasts. A bustier  (also referred to as basque) has ‘bones’ just like a corset gives a stiff look to the body but unlike a corset, a bustier is made of more flexible fabric and does not cover the hip. Bustier became more popular in womenswear during the commonly known Edwardian Era of European history, early 1900s.

Arpi is wearing a bustier made of elastic lace. Read more http://recollections.biz/blog/the-difference-between-corsets-and-bustiers/

A bustier top is a versatile top and can be worn over any length or fullness of skirt or pants. One can cover up with a long or short cardigan, long or cropped jacket, or a sheer top to project an illusion of modesty. Or one can choose to flaunt it with audacious femininity.

Many celebrities are known to have a penchant for bustiers, from Jennifer Lopez, to Selena Gomez, to Katie Perry, to Kim Kardashian have all sported bustiers on multiple occasions. Bustiers are a fashion statement to stay the least and super fun to style!

What is Arpi wearing?

Accordion pleat skirt: Forever21
Harem style pants: Forever21
Nude pumps: Michael Kors (Macy’s)
Bead/crystal necklace: J. Crew
Hoop earrings: local vendor in Orissa
Makeup: Mac Cosmetics

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