Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas-Part 2

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Special Occasion
So, here are a few gift ideas for those of you who do not have a thing for the bling!  Its not too late to get one of these items for the heart-day which is already knocking our doors. And these featured items are all under USD 100!
Of course, a bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates, or candle light dinners are cliches but are still going strong! So do not feel otherwise if you prefer these.
Styling Sistas suggest that you put a twist in the traditional box of chocolates idea and consider strawberries dipped in chocolate instead….ummm! This option of ‘Love Berries in Chocolate’ are available for Prime Shipping on Amazon, and you know what that means! You can find similar choices at your local stores for even less!
styling-sistas-strawberry chocolate
Many stores now have special collections for Valentine’s Day, making it a real no-brainer to pick a gift for your someone special. We picked this pump spray perfume ‘Love me More’, from Victoria’s Secrets’ Valentine’s Day collection. These pump spray perfumes have an old world charm and have a subtle lustfulness to them.
Scented candles, body lotions, and toiletries are great gifts if you know your special person’s likes and preferences. And believe it or not many people do appreciate such gifts. But we do suggest to make such items secondary to something little more traditionally romantic. This cherry blossom scented set from Bath & Body will fit the occasion very well. The red, white, and pink colors not only invoke the feelings of early spring but also of the freshness of a new romance.
Styling-sistas-cherry blossom lotion
For the man in your life, this kit from Art of Shaving may make him fall in love with the art of shaving again!
 Styling-sistas-shaving kit
Bouquets are beautiful but last only a few days. Styling Sistas would like you to give flowering houseplants a chance. There are many varieties that thrive indoors without much ado. Our favorite for the heart day happens to be Cyclamens. With their heart shaped petals bunched up together, can make one gush instantly. And they flower in the winter months, so chances are high for these to be in full bloom during this time of the year.
For the music lovers out there, put some effort and mix a tape of your all time favorite hit love songs and present it to the love of your life (or the season)! Nowadays, you can gift your compilation on iTunes and Spotify.
The last two suggestions are obvious for the love birds who cannot wait to get literal and blur all distinctions between love and lust; lingerie and condoms. We cannot but feature this adorable love-day themed condoms. They really need to work harder to bring the female condoms to the standard of their male counterparts, for we did not find pretty looking packaged ones for this special day. But girls, please note that the vajay-jay condoms are out there!
If you slip a couple of these into a clutch like this, we can guarantee that she/he would not mind at all!
 styling-sistas-love clutch
The most important gift is the gift of love and respect you have for the special someone (or more than one, a shout out to our polyamorous fellow lovers)! So do not stress, and reach for the gift that feels right to your heart and wallet. And trust us when we say that, a beautiful heartfelt kiss can cancel out any bad gift. Oh! and for those of you who do not have a special Valentine, do remember that it’s a great day to love yourself a little more and show it too! Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

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