Adios to Summer with a Kerchief

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Of all the seasons, summer is the hardest to say goodbye to. As the warm breeze and sometimes scorching sun gradually become a distant dream, Arpi is stylishly waving it all adios with an eye catching red halter neck handkerchief dress.

Arpi recently visited this fun wall mural featuring Maya Angelou at a hair salon. The colors in Arpi’s handkerchief dress popped in this background.

Be bold and dress up or down your handkerchief dress as you can be sure to look smashing with heels, wedges, flats or boots. Arpi styled her look with bright tangerine banded wedges, sling handbag in the same color family, and minimally accessorized to not take away from the vibrant colors and print of the dress.

Fashion is fluid and although much has changed over the human history regarding how we dress, handkerchief style hemline is one of the styles that has flown through the changes for thousands of years and still allures our fashion sensibilities. From ancient Greeks, to Parisian fashion of 1920s, to Madeleine Vionnet’s designs that moved with the wearer, to modern day bohemian trends, or fashion forward styles, the handkerchief style hemline has gracefully time travelled. (Below pics are from Pinterest)

It is a rather simple to construct with a square piece of fabric with the waistline or the neckline carved out in the middle. This style also has other names for different varieties like pixie (very short), mullet, high-low, asymmetrical, or flapper (short).

Arpi glided around in this brightly printed handkerchief dress with her loyal companion Ms. Bella.

What is Arpi wearing?

Handkerchief dress: Macy’s (American Rag)
Leather crossbody bag: Calvin Klein , Macy’s
Leather sandals: Nine West
Beaded bracelets: Local store India
Silver filigree earrings: Lalchand, Bhubaneswar india
Cooling glasses: Expess

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