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Red, Blue, so Cool!

Too matchy-matchy they say, why not, we say! Did you know that matchy-matchy is a real term, and was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2010! It is supposed to be used as an adjective to describe things, especially outfits, that are overwhelmingly coordinated by […]

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Arpita Styling Sister

Arpita Spring/15

Arpita takes in the spring mountain breeze! She is wearing camel colored leather belt and camel colored cowboy style boots to tie in the look. To add a little metallic bling to her unicolor denim dress she is wearing a statement necklace. Metallic accessories go […]

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Aradhana Styling Sister

Aradhana Spring/15

Happy Birthday girl Aradhana popping out the colors! Spring comes early in this part of India and summer comes way too early. Ara has completed the look with same colored leather belt and peep-toe slingback pumps. Stretchy jeans/jeggings: Kenneth Cole Printed hirt: H&M Peep-toe sling back pumps: Nine West […]

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